Environmental initiatives

Environmental policy

<Basic principle>

TAKADA KOGYO aspires to direct all activities, products and services to be in harmony with our corporate slogan of “Irreplaceable and beautiful environment for the next generation”, in recognition of the grave importance of protecting the global and regional environment.

<Basic policy>

TAKADA KOGYO, as a company which specializes in cabin assembly for automobiles and construction machineries, and automotive parts production, pledges to promote environmental conservation, making continual efforts in improving the environmental management system and pollution protection, in line with the following policies.

  1. We endeavor to conduct environmental conservation activities, making continuous efforts in prevention of pollution and improving the environmental management system, complying with related regulations and other requirements.
  2. We will seek to reduce the environmental burden by maintaining environmental awareness, increasing motivation of all members who work for our district through educational and awareness-raising campaigns.
  3. The following is the outline of the environmental conservation actions for our district in relation to our corporate activities, products and services.
  1. Compliance with environmental laws and ordinances, and other requirements.
  2. Resource conservation, energy-saving and prevention of global warming.
  3. Reducing use of hazardous chemicals.
  4. Measures against waste and recycling.
  5. Protection of regional environment, such as air, water quality, land and scenery.
  6. Environmentally conscious design.
  7. Green purchasing.

Green Supplier Award

We have been awarded the “Green Supplier Award” from one of our customers for proposing and implementing weight saving construction machinery cabins, as “a company with environmental awareness, proactively undertaking products and services alleviating environmental burden”.

Introduction of energy saving equipment

Following equipment was installed by The Subvention Program of Installing Latest Model Energy Saving Equipment.

  • Double column machining center
    Double column machining center
  • Laser processing machine
    Laser processing machine

Measures against global warming

“Act on the Rational Use of Energy”(Energy Conservation Act)

We are promoting activities aiming to reduce energy intensity by 1% or more on average per annum in the medium to long term, implementing measures concerning rational use of energy and leveling of power demand, and requirements to promote rational use of other energy comprehensively.

“Yokohama City Action Plan for Global Warming Countermeasures”

As our approach in reducing greenhouse gases, we are promoting activities with the emission control goal to reduce the greenhouse gases in intensity in 2021, by 3.0% from the 2018 level, pursuant to the energy consumption saving goal of 1% per annum by the Energy Conservation Act, calculating the discharge volume of manufactured numbers per thousand units or sheets according to the characteristics of each factory.

Main approaches

  • Saving the power consumption using LED tube lights.
  • Introduction of a chemical bath heat exchanger, saving gas consumption by reducing heat-up time.
  • Reviewing the pump capacity in the chemical process and converting to the inverter type.
  • Renewal of the cooling tower for welding machines to save power consumption by integrating with the circulation pump.

Social initiatives


TAKADA KOGYO strives to improve the quality of our products with our “Customer comes first” policy. Each employee will operate with problem consciousness in order to deliver the best and satisfactory product.

Quality policy

<Basic principle>

We aspire to become a company, a factory, or a human being, who can gain trust and provide satisfaction to each customer.

<Basic policy>

  1. To win trust and provide satisfaction to customers.
  2. To continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system, in order to provide satisfaction to customers.
  3. Manage the quality first, and then the lead time and cost. Strive to achieve the target for release of zero quality defect to customers.
  4. All employees must achieve the division target with a managerial perspective in order to improve the quality.

Local cleanup activities

We clean the streets and the area around each factory every month.

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